1) Town Hall = Hall in Zielona Gora - is in the middle of the Old Market. The first town hall was built is not known. It was a wooden building, which burned down in the fire of the town. It is currently assumed that the town hall was built in the fifteenth century in the Gothic style. Slender tower of the sixteenth century, rebuilt in the twentieth century Baroque dome covers three lanterns. The town hall is a restaurant.

2) Old Town = Zielonogórski promenade is one of the most charming places in the city. Often there are great city event. You can walk among the beautiful houses and gardens, eat well and have fun at the clubs, which are not lacking in pedestrian near Zielona Góra.

3) focus = biggest park around Focus Park shopping center, which is located between the Avenue of May 3, and the street Henryk Sienkiewicz. On two floors of Focus Park shopping center with a total area of ​​48 000 m2 and a parking space for about 600 cars there are 100 retail outlets, service and entertainment. In addition to the Focus Park shopping is CinemaCity cinema, Empik and museum.



4) = Palm House Palm House is the only zielonogórski facility where you can see many exotic species of plants and animals. Some occur only in tropical conditions. Inside the building you can enjoy a view of colorful fish, and turtles. A real treat for nature lovers, however, dactyl canal. For visitors undoubted attraction is the Palm House terrace. Scenic walkway at a height of 14 to 18 meters, allowing the observation of plants gathered from different perspectives. Standing on the top (osiemnastometrowej) footbridge, enjoy the view across the Green Mountains and the complex okolic.Na bar, buffet, cafe, parking, a vantage point.

5) Recreation Center pool = - Racing in the leisure pool is the longest slide in Poland pipe 210 m long, 90-meter water slide tube, four whirlpools (including two of the brine) and a small children's pool with slide - pet. The room was located near the shower for the mother of the child.dd


6) Łazienna tower (tower hunger) is one of the few monuments dating back to the Middle Ages. Was part of the third gate of the city, built in 1487, the tower is 35m high. In the eighteenth century, received a Baroque dome with a lantern. Your name (or Łaziebna Łazienna) is due to the fact that nearby there was a Turkish city. However, the residents of the Green Mountains is stubbornly and mistakenly called starvation.


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